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Tony Matteo

Channel Director of Sales & Membership Svcs
Rocky Mountain Region USA

Tony Matteo

Tony was born and raised in Queens, New York. He got his start in the family business as a meat distributor in Brooklyn and Queens.  After receiving his business degree he moved to Colorado and quickly realized the global financial system was rigged.  This led him to investing and selling gold.  As a Gold Broker, he became a self-educated Austrian Economist.  And then he was introduced to Bitcoin.

Since then, his focus has been on putting together business communities on a Bitcoin Standard.  He’s built a network of entrepreneurs that market a platform app.  The app is successfully incorporating Bitcoin at 100’s of national brand stores and restaurants via a lightning wallet approach; as well as 2 other digital currencies.

Tony, and his wife Shelley, worked with Nick Nicholson in the early 2000s in Aspen.  Their paths crossed again recently. He believes in what SecureX stands for and is setting out to accomplish.  And he sees SecureX as a logical and much-needed step to maintaining and growing personal freedoms and the free market.