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Nick Nicholson

SecureX Director/Founder
Aspen, Colorado, USA

As the Founder/Director of SecureX Technologies, Nick seeks to empower entities with the SecureX suite of blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning utilities. They are prepared and configured specifically for companies that have a desire for their businesses to be self-replicating, with decentralized business cases that are both disruptive and intended to create societal impact. Through this effort Nick contributes significantly to both mass increases in consciousness and mass decreases in inequality.

Nick is a thought leader and early pioneer in the Internet’s development, having introduced Global Distribution System (GDS) reservation technologies to the destination resort travel industry during the 1980s.

For over 40 years he has created and/or consulted on technology with local governments and private businesses alike, integrating the art of marketing with the science of automation. He has often found himself as a pioneer on the bleeding edge of discovery.