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Nick Nicholson

SecureX Director/Founder
Aspen, Colorado

As the Founder/Director of SecureX Technologies, Nick is a thought leader and an early pioneer in the Internet’s development, having introduced Global Distribution System (GDS) reservation technologies to the destination resort travel industry during the 1980s.

For over 40 years he has created and/or consulted on technology with local governments and private businesses alike, integrating the art of marketing with the science of automation. He has often found himself as a pioneer on the bleeding edge of discovery.

Along the way, Nick has directed the build of intelligence mining technologies for a national government and created and managed business intelligence techniques for a local city government.

Nick is currently collaborating with NextGen thought leaders, creating a Cryptocurrency Fuel Coin (Utility Token) to fund and develop the next iteration of the company he co-founded 25 years ago. The new SecureX Network will soon live across a grid of low flying satellites, empowering industries, communities, businesses and individuals alike with the SecureX suite of blockchain-based Benevolent Technical Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning) online utilities (domains).

The SecureX Domains (formerly, in Internet 1.0, called Business Models or Vertical Markets) represent a Mythos of NEW relationship tools (Internet 3.0) that are all highly-disruptive, altruistic makeovers for a world grappling with a NEW understanding of the inseparable relationship between Gaia and Human, plant and animal; that only Human has created division and separateness and that, in order to save and advance the wellbeing of all Humanity, all sentient creatures must be reunited and remembered, thus reconnected.

To do this requires the retooling and authenticating of most social institutional roles, beliefs and understandings, and the REAL data that binds them ~ a truth for which the Blockchain is uniquely qualified to amass and validate. There is no one-fix for all. Rather each must be simultaneously revisited and rebirthed. I have the vision and desire to assemble key teams around each such niche as it is re-imagined and re-birthed using the SecureX Domains, via truth, light and transparency. These Rebuild Teams, as well as the public users alike, must be Critical Thinkers whom are asking questions regarding their pre-Covid realities. They must have a desire to be sovereign-empowered, self-aware and strategic, transparent yet invisible to all Surveillance Capitalism, and thus wanting to create societal impact, contributing to both mass increases in consciousness and mass decreases in inequality.

Nick Nicholson, March 19, 2020