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Senior DevOps Engineer

Role Responsibilities

The engineer will be responsible for building, deploying and maintaining a back-end infrastructure using Kubernetes, AWS or other platforms, and a service mesh solution. They shall be responsible for:
  • Critically reviewing and participating in design choices for the back-end architecture, ensuring that requirements are met.
  • Recommending and utilising suitable software for building a service mesh.
  • Building configurations for Kubernetes, service meshes and automation software.
  • Aiding in the development of continuous automated back-end integration and system tests.
  • Building deployment pipelines, ensuring that deployments are conducted smoothly.
  • Maintaining strict security standards.
  • Monitoring and reviewing systems, providing feedback.
The engineer should be pro-active in making design suggestions and rectifying problems that arise. They should be comfortable with using GitLab for source control, code review, proposals, discussion and task management. They should be willing to eager to learn and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.

“DevOps” is meant in the broadest sense of bridging the gap between software development and operations. There is no particular development philosophy attached.


  • Broad experience with Kubernetes.
  • Experience with one or more service mesh solutions: Istio, Kuma, Linkerd, Traefik Mesh, NGINX Service Mesh or others.
  • Experience designing and implementing service mesh architectures.
  • Experience with automation software for testing, deployments and operational tasks.
  • Experience with AWS and/or other cloud platforms.
  • Strong understanding and appreciation of software security with particular application to a service mesh architecture.
  • Experience in Javascript (node.js) and Python. The engineer doesn’t have to specialise in these languages but should have no problem with understanding back-end code written in them.
  • Whilst not necessary, experience or an interest in blockchain or BFT systems would be beneficial.

  • Nick Nicholson, Founder/Director
    SecureX Technologies, Inc.
    dba SecureX Networks
    dba SecureXVault LLC