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Escaping the Tyranny to a New World? Specifically one that is NOT the New World Order? Joining an Intentional Community, one that is Sovereign, does not belong to the Beast System, and is instead creating its own self-sustaining, regenerative, inclusive and enlightened ecosystem? You’ll need this DApp (Decentralized Application) on your smartphone to participate with your Community.

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Regenerative Features of SecureAgora.com:

  • Governing Private Membership Agreement (PMA) on top of a Community Vault – Decentralized Autonomous Orginization (DAO with private crypto underpinning).
  • Governance can be configured between Co-Governance (one Member, one Vote) to multi-tier Governance levels (Admin, Committee, Member, etc.); the former assumes differences in financial contributions receive relative portion valuation of Community Vault, yet no prioritization in Voting (Agora-centric); the latter allows for typical (Beast System) hierarchical control based on Member contribution levels.
  • Energy Exchange Ledger to integrate, configure and transparently track All Contributions (cash, labor, donation, late payments, loans, etc.) to/from the Community Vault by each Member.
  • Members use a DApp on their smartphones to log Community-specific participation entries as they occur.
  • 100% transparent to Authenticated (blockchain) PMA members specific to that Community.
  • Members know each others’ contributions, activity level and Community participation standing.
  • Communities can use the Community Vault to trade with other Communities on the same platform.
  • Members can use their piece of the Community Vault to trade amongst themselves and participants in other Communities, as well as vote on Community Vault-wide expenses that decrement their personal Community Vault share proportionately.
  • System is built Peer to Peer and can have survivable hardware in place should Internet disconnect or disappear.

The above description is brief and intentionally high level.  The lack of significant detail is due to the nature of the development of this Blockchain business case or cause, including patent-pending processes to be used therein, coupled with several future molding events that must be reserved to occur by the guiding Platform Members and Invited Partners specific to this SecureAgora.com Vertical.

There are 50+ such discrete SecureX Vertical markets.  Only the top prioritized Verticals are listed here, each with its own proprietary URL.  Each is specific to one or more particular processes, communities and/or industries.  A set configuration of the SecureX Utilities (Blockchain, Ai and Deep Learning – the SecureX Library of technologies) is hosted on the SecureX Platform for that given SecureX Vertical, along with the SecureX Vault where the (SECX) fuel token also lives.  The SECX fuel token powers the functionality for each configuration, which employs a mix of features that represent NEW blockchain business models that are highly disruptive, altruistic creations not yet deployed, at the very most, and at the very least, they are significant makeovers for the current business models of a given industry or cause.  SecureX Networks are intentionally designed to be Benevolent Technical Intelligence, preventing the traditional surveillance of the now Malevolent promises of the IOT.  

Our pledge is 100% of the promise of the Blockchain: transparent, yet autonomous,  indisputable and immutable, enabling full disclosure for All Concerned.  Putting what is knowable, validate-able and REAL, back into Truth.

As such, the middleman is mostly no longer a part of the equation.  Profits (beyond operational expenses) from any subscriptions and/or transactions charged by SecureX for this Vertical will go towards Buy Back and Burns of the SECX tokens used in fueling it.  This means that the entities empowered by these SecureX Utilities pay very little, and their customers or users, transparent and available to the public, pay little to none.  Owners of the SECX tokens vote for requirements of prioritization, deployment and distribution.  Such is the unique promise of the Blockchain era.  Included in this disruption are the business-vendor-client relationships for financial accommodation, access and storage security, interaction protocols, fairness quotients, peak and maximized business fine tuning algorithms, and a significant departure from the existing exchange methodologies currently utilized in each of those industries.

Each of the SecureX Verticals comes with its own domain that allows for subscription, access and configuration of the performance attributes to be achieved through an industry’s use of these SecureX Utilities. The SecureX Board of Advisors will vote to select in which order the SecureX Verticals are addressed and subsequently rolled out.

When so prioritized, SecureX will open this specific domain (SecureAgora.com) to registration by the initial founding SecureX Platform Members and Invited Partners for this applicable industry(s), thereby soliciting and enlisting a board of vested stake holders.  Using the SecureX Library, this elite group will use their SECX tokens in order to vote for how this particular industry might be developed, configured, managed, deployed, disrupted and reconfigured for the betterment of those stake holders and that industry at large.

Blockchains are secure by design and exemplify a distributed computing system with high Byzantine fault toleranceDecentralized consensus has therefore been achieved with a blockchain.[9] This makes blockchains potentially suitable for the recording of events, medical records,[10][11] and other records management activities, such as identity management,[12][13][14] transaction processing, documenting provenancefood traceability[15] or voting.[16]Wikipedia