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Founders, Directors & Advisory Board Newsletter 01

May 2021

Published 5/8/2021 –

Welcome to our first monthly publication of a Status Update for the Founders, Directors and Advisory Board of SecureX.  As we continue with this crazy ride, we felt that it would be advantageous to keep everyone posted monthly, in the event you are unable to participate regularly on our weekly calls.

You are receiving this eMail because you are considered one of the pillars of this platform we are building, having already contributed to the effort in one or more ways. Your efforts are much appreciated.

We’ve been on an interesting ride, for sure. I often use the analogy that we are on a rocket ship that launched into space back with the advent of CV19.  In order to make the journey safely back home, we are waiting for the arrival of enough funding to buy our return fuel, and for the SEC to provide us the appropriate standardized regulations, equating to a solid and secure strip of asphalt upon which we might land.  From considering ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs, we’ve dipped our toe in it all and still don’t have the definitive answers.  From leading with the SECX token, to discussions about the SecureX Domain Trusts, to the current efforts on our wallet, I’m extremely grateful to all of you, especially the Strategic and Legal minds, whom have us hold up, reposition and hold on, just in the nick of time.

It is an industry of landmines, but it will only make the end zone that much sweeter.

I understand that in this fast blossoming, ever changing Cryptocurrency landscape, nothing seems to be for certain and few endeavors end up with stability.  We are and will be different. 

Our currently intended product, path and plan which we hold dearly and believe will be both profitable and sustainable, are driven by our commitment to a grounded, altruistic purpose in this confusing and insecure world in which we often find ourselves today.

Monthly Status Update Summary:

As soon as we complete our prototyping efforts for the wallet, we will move the Development Team on to converting our Tech Stack into an actionable development plan complete with timeframe and cost estimates. The prototyping efforts were essential and will be showcased on one of the regular Sunday calls this month. They occurred as a method to support interest in both the SECX token membership program (https://www.secx.net/membership) and the potential dialogue with institutional investors, through dog & pony shows of the prototype.

We have also increased the 10K SECX token rewards to a $5K membership contribution, except where current leads and promotions have been discussed and are soon to be, or are already underway.

Of the trilogy of the current 3 legs of our platform (wallet, token and business offerings), we will begin our place in the market with the SecureX Wallet (https://www.secureXwallet.io), available to the public concurrent with the Taproot activation, a component we are very happy to be including in our platform.  This is planned to occur sometime in November, 2021, not June as was earlier represented.

Monthly Status Update Detail:

We are creating the wallet first, in order to provide the owners of Bitcoin, both new Crypto Explorers as well as those seasoned Tycoons, a place on their phone and/or on the Internet where they can store their tokens with the absolute best and most current security features available.  We add to this a superb ease of navigation and self-ownership and control (no middleman), and a comfortable and dynamic knowledge of the exact place where you and your tokens exist within the Crypto universe at any point in time.  This is to ensure that no one will or can take advantage of the owner of a SecureX Wallet.

You’ve probably heard the term, “your keys, your coins”?  This will be the battle cry of 2022, when people begin to figure out that their Bitcoin is actually owned by the 3rd party vendor who sold it to them and/or is currently storing it for them.  Such is the case with your cash in the bank, where the bank really has control of your money until you take it out, move it to an investment or spend it.  With our wallet, the keys to your Bitcoin are locked in a virtual strong box, under your virtual and proverbial mattress.  We add to this sovereignty an enhanced, easy and secure access using biometrics (facial or thumb print recognition), the ability to set alerts to know when your Bitcoin has increased or decreased in value by a certain amount or percent (that you pre-set in order that you can move them to a stable coin and/or buy in again at the dip), and the ability to automatically send your Bitcoin to your next of kin or others (as you so assign them), in the unfortunate event of your demise. 

Again, we are creating a comfort zone in which one can own and hold Bitcoin.

What follows the world-wide distribution of our SecureX Wallet (via Apple Store, Google Play and the web itself), is the unleashing of the magic for which we have built the wallet.  Our company Development Road Map for our platform has a couple of optional routes with multiple variables on each, all carefully researched and constantly monitored as the ever-changing dynamics of this industry unfold and become regulated. From ERC20 to Omni to Color Coins, from building on the Bitcoin (Taproot) platform or porting a bridge to Etherium, all are and will continue to be considered as we get closer to needing to select one. the driving objective here is to minimize, if not provide options, to the gas fees required in our transactions.

The destination objective and primary Constant with all Road Map routings is the creation of the SecureX Vault. This is our platform for building the other two legs which, when combined with the primary leg of the SecureX Wallet, create the tripod-like stability of our company and its unique and undeniably solid business cases:

Within the SecureX Vault, we have plans for several altruistic blockchain products, called the SecureX Domain Trusts – these are the 2nd leg of our platform (https://www.secx.net/domains).

The SecureX Domain Trusts will be intentionally offered through opt-in prompts within the SecureX Wallet as we are able to make them available.  Interest by communities and institutions in private subscription to these member SecureX Domain Trust empowerment tools (voting, communication, etc.) will, in-turn, drive additional use of the SecureX Wallet exclusively, by each of the associated participants who will be required to have it, in order to participate.  Intrinsic to these subscriptions is the SECX token itself, the 3rd leg of our platform, which will be the central utility token powering them all.  By orchestrating in this manner, we intend to leverage each leg of our company in driving value to each of the other legs. We believe this will build significant, advanced value in the SECX token, before it is eventually made available as a public Alt Coin.

And there you have it.  For now.

We hope you find this monthly status summary update helpful.

Founders of SecureX that have received promissory notes can also review https://www.secx.net/founders regarding other ways you might engage. 

Thank you,


Nick Nicholson,
SecureX Technologies, Inc.
dba SecureX Networks
dba SecureXVault LLC