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Founders, Directors & Advisory Board

Your Involvement –

This link is your page, one you might consider saving.  It is not a public page, nor is it navigable from any of the website’s menus.  It is our collective creators private page, and an index to our individual pages (see below).

Because you have a SecureX promissory note for future SECX token reward points, you are a Founder, Director or Advisory Board member of the SecureX Vault initiative and have been given this link.  Thank you for your participation as we march towards our Initial Exchange Offering and the associated seed funding and inevitable business launch.

https://www.secx.net/founders/ (FYI, you’re on this page and reading it now!)

This page is provided to keep us all “on the same page.”  You have 3 Main Opportunities (highlighted below) through which we hope you’ll want to  continue to participate in one or more capacities.

First and foremost
, we believe in collaboration.  As we have major decisions to make in the coming months, we will call upon you and your fellow Founders, Directors and Advisory Board members to collaborate regarding the future of this business and the unique platform we are building.  We have accommodated your participation in this primary niche via a promissory note by and between SecureX and yourself.  After the IEO has been achieved, we will schedule our Zoom calls in advance with an appropriate agenda for each, so that you might only engage when, where and with the details in which you have specific interests.

As you know, we are building a versatile blockchain platform expressly aimed at Institutional Re-Birthing, social and otherwise.  And to do this, we must first fund and launch the IEO for our fuel coin (SECX) with which to both attain startup development funding, as well as perform as the fuel coin for the SecureX Domain products.  We are intentionally manifesting this IEO via a grass roots, Friends and Family campaign, attempting to avoid what could otherwise end up as alignment with a corporate benefactor.

Thus, the 2nd way you can be involved is to help us with detecting interested Friends or Family members (please, it cannot be anyone besides these two categories) whom might wish to contribute to our success.  We are currently accepting $500 US contributions via credit card and allocating 10,000 SECX tokens, locked for 1 year from the date of our IEO, for each such contribution.  We expect this option to become much less discounted as we approach our IEO, up until the point where the per token cost is that of the value of a token within the IEO.  We are intending to launch between $.50 and $1 per token.

This is entirely optional for your participation.  As an incentive, however, we are providing reward tokens to your account as well.  10,000 tokens to a friend equals their tokens to them, plus 5,000 tokens to you.  You may direct interested parties to:


Please note: do not advertise or promote.  Again, Friends and Family only.  No use of words other than “contribution” and “participation in SecureX Platform Membership.”  This is intentionally not an investment, nor does it have a cost or fee. 

Also, we have a weekly Zoom call to which you may invite interested Friends and Family (and existing SECX token promissory note holders) for the purposes of asking questions, updates on the targeted funds for the IEO, etc.  It is Sunday at 10 am MST (9 am PST; Noon Eastern):
Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82426887251
Meeting ID: 824 2688 7251
One tap mobile
+13462487799,,82426887251# US (Houston)
+16699006833,,82426887251# US (San Jose)

Please note: we intend on eventually creating a documentary out of the footage of these recorded Zoom “board meetings”. We will require that whomever is contracted to create/edit this documentary must first seek permission with each of us Founder individuals as to what footage can and cannot be included.

Finally, as an expert in your field, we will want to pay you
for your services when engaged in official business after the IEO.  There will be two ways we will want to do this: first, us coming to you with a request to perform a service.  Eventually we can envision some salaried or contracted opportunities for regularly requested duties or services;  And secondly, you being asked, either by us or during the formation of a Domain Trust (the assembled think tank for the creation and management of one or more community customers in one of our SecureX Domains) to participate within that Domain Trust.  In your first duty above, we know you’ll be actively involved in the discussion and early envisioning of these Domain Trusts and most likely develop some genuine interests for genuine ongoing involvement.

We anticipate creating a process for submission by interested community customers in each SecureX Domain, during which we will outline the needed skill sets (including yours) and the cadre of Founders, Directors and Advisory Board member options from which they can select in order to create the Domain Trust itself (if not already created) or their subscribed application thereof. 

We intend on getting really good at the above paragraph for the benefit of all of our Founders, Directors and Advisory Board members, and especially for the benefit of an inquiring community customer.

Similarly, you are also invited to participate (via the first category above) in developing such an on-boarding process, and once so created, even submit your own application for creation of a given Domain Trust and/or your own subscribed application to such.  You are in a very important creation seat and can truly shape the future of our new world to come.

Thank you so much for sharing our vision!

Nick Nicholson,
SecureX Technologies, Inc.
dba SecureX Networks
dba SecureXVault LLC

We are happy to assist you with getting the word out on a more personalized level. The idea is to provide you with a corporate link that contains your current (always updateable) Point of View and message. Thus you can email or text the address of your personalized page as an initial teaser for interest in our efforts, seeking a reply before you fully engage them.

These are the personalized pages for SecureX Founders, Directors and Advisors so far:

Nick: www.secx.net/confluence/
Rick: www.secx.net/consciousness/
Michael Wing: www.secx.net/not2late/
Krissy Smith: www.secx.net/disclosure/
Werner Hochleitner: www.secx.net/all-for-one/