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Founders, Directors & Advisory Board Newsletter 02

June 2021

Published 6/1/2021 –

Greetings fellow Founders, Directors and Advisors of the SecureX effort.  You’ve undoubtedly noticed a shift in our priorities as we navigate the everchanging landscape of the options and opportunities with Crypto in the US.  Where once we thought we could lead with our token, we now see that we must lead with our other assets, in order to maximize the value of our asset when it eventually becomes public.

world in which we often find ourselves today.

We hope you find this monthly status summary update helpful.

Founders of SecureX that have received promissory notes can also review https://www.secx.net/founders regarding other ways you might engage. 

Thank you,


Nick Nicholson,
SecureX Technologies, Inc.
dba SecureX Networks
dba SecureXVault LLC