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This story is not about Covid-19 per se.  Rather, a few months prior to the world’s Pause Button getting pushed, I reached out via Linked-In to a person I had been tracking for a few years, a person that appeared to know all things about Blockchain. This is a story about the confluence of his energies with my own, coupled with an escalated global tyranny that is now too obvious to deny, all occurring just at the right time, at the right place, while doing the right thing, for all the right reasons.

In January of 1995, I had co-founded SecureX (formerly Snowmass Technologies or “SnowTech”) as an Internet software development lab, located in the top 3 floors of the iconic tower of the “Tower Restaurant and Bar,” slope-side in the ski resort town of Snowmass Village, outside of Aspen, Colorado.  My landlord was a musician, none other than the late John Denver, owner of the building and the bar and restaurant.

The Internet was then in its infancy, labeled as the “www”, but not yet solidly claiming the term “Internet”.  That would come soon enough.  Armed with our own, private “T1” Internet pipe brought into our offices via AT&T, our mission was to bring broadband connectivity and the related, useful web-based tools, to the businesses of the Snowmass Ski Resort.  We would immerse in the technology, hook up worldwide connectivity to a lot of buildings, create a lot of those online web-based tools, and ensure that the brick-and-mortar neighborhood businesses of our resort would not miss out on this new era of connectivity and opportunity.  My talent in all this, as it would turn out, was strategic planning combined with patience, preparing and waiting for the future, albeit a much broader and longer-term vision than I could ever have imagined at that time.  Having been a soap-box zealot for Web 1.0 (online brochures) and 2.0 (online interactivity with a centralized database), I would then have to wait a bit for Web 3.0 (online interactivity with a decentralized database).

The 5 years that followed our illustrious entry into the Internet world would see us develop Web 2.0 products for 30+ different vertical markets and attain one or more paying business clients in each of these; truly market-driven.  Several of the business opportunities were brought to us by Wall Street firms, aware that we could rapidly live prototype their business model du jour, using our library of online utilities we had developed and amassed over time. With each foray into a new vertical, I would reserve the SecureBlank version URL for the future marketing of that vertical, primarily because our perceived partner in this Internet experiment was a large telecom that had built just one vertical, their retail shopping cart, which they called SecureBuy.   Eventually we had collected so many SecureBlank URLs, that we of course needed to rename our business SecureX.  

Early in 2000, our perceived telecom partner would decide that they no longer wanted to represent back-end Internet site technology, just host the Internet connectivity thereto.  So there we were, all dressed up with no place to go, holding a bag of valuable URLs and the associated, altruistic business cases.

A bit later in 2000, as the Internet bubble was bursting, we decided we no longer liked the centralized, virtual database model that we had built.  A few other companies had done the same thing, Amazon to name just one, and they were beginning to make money off of mining their customers’ data.  This was not what we had intended for our business model.  We felt that the data was not ours to mine, rather it belonged to our customers.  Silly us. Frustrated with the way the Internet had been hijacked, we opted to disband. Putting my altruistic agenda (and the associated SecureX business assets) on mothballs was a tough decision, but I just knew that a decentralized method of doing the same thing would one day surface. 

And it did.  Our little group of SecureX technologists had disbursed far and wide, guns for hire, helping such companies like Microsoft and others.  I myself, focused on building web-based tech things for city governments.  But all along, I’ve been keeping an eye on this emerging technology called Blockchain, the decentralized key to the centralized world we had built.  I have been quietly waiting for mass adoption of this emerging technology, so that I might resurface the SecureX assets, amass a cadre of high-caliber collaborators, and do this thing right.

I connected with Sean Brizendine in early February 2020.  I had need of knowledge regarding how to create a fuel coin or utility “token”, a necessary component to retooling and training the SecureX assets towards Benevolent Technical Intelligence.  I’m hell bent on thwarting the Malevolent use of the Internet, using my tools, techniques and talents to do so.  The “right” Blockchain would facilitate a truth-sayer underpinning for such an effort, along with both autonomy and transparency, two seemingly “at-odds” attributes that are not achievable simultaneously without the Blockchain.  I found a shared compassion in Sean.  His credo is of the same trajectory.  His background parallels mine, albeit in the cryptocurrency space, where a culture of advantage-taking dweebs permeates.  He has a vision of how to successfully navigate any earlier pitfalls of the Blockchain and related crypto space, coming out on top with a groundbreaking, altruistic creation to change the world.  And I really mean that. 

And then the world’s Pause Button (Covid) got pushed, so we went to work.

The rest will be historic, with hopefully some fun laced throughout. 

Reworked on the Blockchain, our SecureX offerings are now repurposed, no longer targeted at the smaller B2B marketplace, now addressing a much larger, significantly more altruistic, community-wide audience.  This is where global impositions such as Covid have created a wakeup call, where awareness has expanded so very much that many members of a given institution (each type of community institution is identified as a different SecureX Domain) are questioning the integrity of their very foundations ~ the rules and laurels upon which they were originally built and have been resting.  It is here that we have arrived with underpinning solutions for rebuilding those institutions or the rapidly morphing versions thereof.

The SecureX Domain Trusts represent a Mythos of NEW, blockchain-based relationship tools, formerly called Business Models, that are all highly-disruptive, altruistic makeovers for a variety of world-wide institutions.

The underlying themes of the SecureX Domain Trusts are many: to return sovereign power and financial wellbeing to the people, thwart malevolent impositions and surveillance, promote fair and accurate reporting and elections,  optimize precision healthcare, level the playing field for all to participate, and to bank the unbanked and formerly unbankable. 

To do this requires the retooling and authenticating of most social institutional roles, beliefs and understandings, and the REAL data that binds them ~ a truth for which the Blockchain is uniquely qualified to amass and validate. There is no one-fix for all. Rather each must be simultaneously revisited and re-birthed. Through this effort SecureX contributes to both mass increases in consciousness and mass decreases in inequality.

The pristine beauty of our business model is that we will offer participation in the building of the altruistic keys for a given Domain Trust to the benevolent, former stakeholder champions of that institution in the rebirthing of their industry/institution, should they be interested.  Using their various allotments of the SECX token, their consensus will guide the rebirthed systems in perpetuity.  And we will steer those rebirths such that they can have no malevolence, nor any opportunity for it to ever occur.

Yes, the scope of our proposition is unimaginably large. Yet, never in the history of this epoch has the need been more recognized, desired and realizable.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of right place, right time maneuvering. We formed an LLC in Wyoming, where laws are so far most favorable for Blockchain and the related fuel coin (utility token) of Cryptocurrencies for US-based companies, secured the SecureX Domains (assets) for the LLC, initiated token-based ownership of the LLC via an Etherium smart contract for issuance of 33M SECX tokens, assembled a rock-star Team of expert director and development talent, and have been intentionally grass-roots raising Friends & Family contributions to get started.

In doing so, we’ve funded a quarter million-dollar techstack research and development and are halfway through a prototype for the control application that will reside on a User’s mobile smart phone.  And we’ve tried a variety of 1st round fund raising techniques, including Crowd Source funding (indiegogo.SecureSovereign.com), ICO, IEO and IDO offerings, with each proving to be a significant challenge in the emerging US regulations, current world economy and global development environment.   Thus, none were pursued.

If you are reading this it is because you were given this direct link on our website.  It is intentionally hidden from normal navigation, and was specifically prepared to give a timely overview to folks considering joining our collaborative movement to help us imagine, create, manifest, manage and/or fund it.  You were hand-picked because we know that you know the cusp where humanity is now poised, and the value you can bring to our momentous effort.

We hope you agree.

Thank you for considering us,

Nick Nicholson,
 SecureX Technologies, Inc.
 dba SecureX Networks
 dba SecureXVault LLC