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The method by which the arts (photographs, paintings, music) are stored, registered, licensed, heard, viewed, rented, bought and/or sold… is now disrupted.

The new way puts artists in direct connection with their audience, avoiding today’s technology interceptors which behave as though they know what you’d like better, or even worse, that push you to the highest paying advertiser, as though their pick is the best match for your tastes.

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The method by which one runs for office, campaigns, makes promises, gets endorsed, stays true to his/her mission, is reviewed by potential voters, and then ultimately receives votes… is now disrupted.

SecureCampaign.com causes transparency and accuracy to the reporting and representations made by a candidate, as only records in the Blockchain can deliver… providing a validation of truth for Benevolent agenda candidates, and keeping otherwise Malevolent agenda candidates honest, or outing them in the process.

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If Democracy is the given, then the world must come to grips on transforming the relationship between Education, Human Development and Evolution. Left as is, the constant manipulation of these institutions promote segregation, poverty and starvation on a global scale. If the events of Climate Change, Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter bring to your attention a consistent but ever-changing delineation of sides requiring you to consider which one you should be on, then there is significant success in the “divide and conquer” impositions upon our world. The resulting chaos provides a cover for Nothing to occur. And doing Nothing perpetuates the unjust crescendo that threatens to enslave the masses for the benefit of a few.

SecureCommunity.com is the Blockchain platform that enables such a transformation… and disrupts most traditional thinking about how to address these issues individually.

..the years between 2000 and 2050 represent a critical turning point in the history of humanity and the planet. This belief is based on results from the field of world-systems analysis as well as a growing body of scientific research suggesting that we have entered a new geological epoch known as the Anthropocene.

Dr. Zachary Stein

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The process by which one views (and really knows and understands about) a product or service and the company that makes and/or delivers it, is about to be disrupted.

SecureCompany.com is the self-registry for participating businesses, using a few of the other elements of the SecureX Network’s Blockchain Utilities, that identifies the company’s reputation as voted by its customers, and includes autonomously listing and ranking executive’s salaries, profits, losses, assets, liabilities, taxes paid, and including (but not limited to) its hiring practices, employee treatment and other attributes as reported/registered via SecureReport.com. 100% Accuracy. 100% Immutable. 100% Transparent. The company will be as good as the product, or else its customers will vote with their patronage by buying it elsewhere.

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The method by which one really knows about what is going on in the world, fully vetted and validated, issue by issue, who’s on what side of each issue, and why, globally, before there is a war, is about to be disrupted.

SecureConflict.com is the absolute truth about what’s going on out there, as reported, tracked and validated by the SecureReport.com Blockchain utility, along with type and threat-weighted and prioritized by the SecureIssue.com Blockchain utility.

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The method by which one casts a ballot in a democracy’s election, voting for a particular candidate or cause; be it governmental, association, club or otherwise… is now disrupted.

Absolute removal of voter suppression, duplicate votes (ballot stuffing), election fraud, manipulation or vote rigging, reduction in personal disenfranchisement, increase in voter turnout, and an overall increase in trust in the system and its processes are all advantages to the SecureDecision.com process.

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The method by which reservations to the resort destinations (lodging and activities) of the world are booked… is about to become disrupted.

The Centralized kingdoms will return to their original Decentralized, guest-to-operator direct models. The middleman is gone!

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The method by which one’s individual privacy and related details is constantly surveilled, is about to be disrupted.

Using secure threads through the SecureX Satellite Blockchain connections, SecureDetection bots notice when an app, on your phone, Mac or PC, browser or otherwise, are attempting to send personal data back to the respective Mother Ships, the data will either be blocked or replaced. Imagine Siri mining a conversation between 2 Slavic Pig Farmers (you pick from several options), all day, every day. Restoration of personal data rights. Power to the people!

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The method by which written agreements, contracts, disclosures, bids, quotes, journals, prose, books and various narratives are authenticated to their authors, cemented in time as to their creation date, stored decentralized-yet-whole, protected from copy, theft or destruction, and/or and triggered (as in smart contract benchmarks) for various threshold-required (like delivery of payments) action occurrences, has been disrupted.

An example is this website. Each page of narrative (“the Verticals”) in this secx.net website has been immutably uploaded with pieces thereof inherently connected and spread across this myriad record Blockchain, time stamped, ownership encapsulated and forever saved intact, so as to be able to defend (if ever necessary) the content as originally occurring when, how and where it was created.

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The above description is brief and intentionally high level.  The lack of significant detail is due to the nature of the development of this Blockchain business case or cause, including patent-pending processes to be used […]

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