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SecureAgora Introduction

Back to the Future

Once we all finally agreed that things had spun too far out of our control, we all decided to get down and do the work. Those who could build, began creating autonomous, self-sustaining, sovereign member-only villages, stewarding the land in the private, outside of the purview of the public and their rulers, policies and tyranny. Those with resources also became members, then financed these builds, including infrastructures that were designed to generate excess abundance for all members to share. Bitcoin is the currency, the Energy Exchange Ledger the glue. Together, they enable and ensure 100% sovereignty and fairness in the interactions by and between us private Members via the SecureAgora app and the SecureX Bitcoin Wallet on each of our cell phones.

Have you noticed how bizarre the world has become? Are you tired of your consent being engineered in all the things that somebody else wants from you? Do you feel like your life is being coopted? How do you feel about mandatory participation in the government’s solutions: recently it was lock downs, masks, shots. But what about earth care, food sources and treatments, light bulbs and 15 minutes cities? What will it be tomorrow? Do you trust these answers? Do you think the “Authorities” should be the ones coming up with them?

Are you worried about a loss of traditional freedoms of speech, travel, choice, personal and business activities? Do you experience extreme opposite narratives on almost every issue? Do you read or watch opinionated “news” coverage devoid of actual facts? Have you experienced slight of hand manipulation, causing you to look at one horrific issue or tragic event, while others are carried out simultaneously in stealth? Do you know what is really true or what you can really believe? Do you think it will get even worse? Do you feel like you want to do something about it? Do you wonder what you can do about it?

As awareness increases regarding the shortcomings of most of the current systems in use by humanity, self-empowered folks will take steps to make a difference, if they aren’t already doing so.

Have you lost faith in government? Do you experience run-away regulations? Are you worried about food security, what’s in your food, where it comes from? Are there things you can no longer afford like health care or insurance? Do you have a fire in your gut that you can contribute?

If so, folks like you are already building self-sustainable villages where only like-minded people can create, cohabitate and thrive as a Community. Their Parallel Economy IS humanity’s future. These are called the Exit and Builders.

Have you lost faith in the stock market? Do you wish for less-restrictive paths to your traditional investments? Do home runs, Out of the Park returns or windfalls occur for you anymore? Are you concerned that your livelihood as an investor is threatened by increasingly eroded personal freedoms? Do you have resources that you could otherwise contribute?

If so, folks like you are donating some of their financial resources to the Exit & Builder Communities, in exchange for a share of the self-sustained food, water, land/lodging and any other resources generated from one or more of these Communities. By investing in humanity’s future, they are investing in themselves. These are called the Placeholder Benefactors.

And because these Communities start from scratch, they are able to trade amongst themselves directly and fairly, establishing each other’s Basis in their Community with agreed-upon values to ALL of the contributions that are realized, including financial donations, labor, equipment, past, present and future. Here there are no middlemen, just valued participants.

The system for enabling this is the Energy Exchange Ledger. It is called SecureAgora.

Thanks for taking the time to read this request. 

Please let me know of your continued interest,

Nick Nicholson, CEO

Benefactor Pitch Deck: www.pitchdeck.SecureAgora.com