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Not Too Late

About 3 or so years ago I was becoming aware of digital currencies and block chain technology. It was obvious to me that the technology was not a fad. While I felt I was a little “behind the curve,” I realized two things: 1) I was not TOO far behind the curve and 2) the technology is a systemic game changer, not unlike the World Wide Web just a few decades ago.

While a friend from Mobile, Alabama and another friend from Vienna, Austria were visiting me on Dauphin Island, AL, we decided to embark on a cryptocurrency exchange that would contain a built in charitable component. Thousands of dollars and thousands of miles later, we had corporations in Singapore (who’s MAS is on the cutting edge of crypto regulations), but we remained unfunded.

During these adventures, I met individuals who expressed ideas of harnessing the power of this still new technology for benevolent purposes. They had already secured extremely marketable domain names and vertical potential. I am extremely grateful to them for inviting me to participate, and I am extremely grateful to be involved with their positive, forward looking and moving project at this early stage.

The opportunity still exists to enter into this technology as one “who got in early.” SecureX offers, currently, an opportunity to be involved with this cutting edge technology AT AN EARLY STAGE.

Because you already know me, Rewards Points Memberships are available for as little as $500 to get in on a startup that already has a marketable name. Between Sean Brizendine and Nick Nicholson, I have confidence in this project. I am glad to be a part, and I am glad that at this early stage, friends and family may also gain entry level positioning in cutting edge technology.

Again I find myself a part of a team, but this time the team has a much deeper bench. This team is moving forward with a project that will benefit mankind with new technology. It sounds strange to say it that way, but that is what I see happening before my own eyes. I hope some of my family and friends are able to join in at this early stage.

If you are reading this it is because you were given this direct link on our website.  It is intentionally hidden from normal navigation, and was specifically prepared to give a timely overview to folks considering joining our collaborative movement to help us fund and manage it.  You were hand picked because we know the value you can bring to the effort.

We hope you agree.

Thank you for considering us,

Michael Wing 
Blockchain Legal Advisor
SecureXVault LLC