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The SecureX MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

The SecureX MVP is the core of the SecureX Business. It is our centerpiece from which all blessings flow. It is the ultimate combo: the SecureXVault (biometric wallet for the SECX token and all your crypto currencies, including Bitcoin), combined with the SecureXDex (DoubleEdge Aggregator that allows you to swap between your coins), combined with the SecureXProfile (where your unique requests and requirements are stored).

At SecureX we are building a Biometric (Client-side Multisignature Cryptocurrency) Bitcoin Wallet which will prevent losses such as this (click here), and make it easier for Mom and Pops to enter into HODLing Bitcoin (holding Crypto for the long term) without the worry of remembering Passwords… plus it will be Quantum Resistant, protecting your Bitcoin (and all other Cryptos) from the Quantum Attack Vector which currently plagues 3.9 Million Bitcoins (primarily the Satoshi Bitcoin plus early mined BTC from 2010 that have never moved). 

This wallet is called the SecureX Vault and …it will have a built in DoubleEdge Aggregator for converting Crypto (Decentralized Trading as built by Alon Goren of Draper, Goren, Holm) plus a Covenant Feature (SecureCovenant) for creating in Real Time a Last Will & Testament in order to Assign a Beneficiary (Deed) the Wealth (Bitcoin and all of your Crypto within the wallet), bypassing Probate, recorded and tokenized on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Sean Brizendine on January 18, 2021
Blockchain Director
SecureX Vault, LLC
SecureX - Dex - MVP

 SecureX Domain Trusts (Vertical Markets)

The SecureX Domain Trusts represent a Mythos of NEW, blockchain-based relationship tools, formerly called Business Models, that are all highly-disruptive, altruistic makeovers for individuals, businesses, communities and industries throughout the world.  They represent an understanding of the inseparable relationship between Gaia and Human, plant and animal; that only Human has created division and separateness and that, in order to save and advance the wellbeing of Humanity, all sentient creatures must be reunited and remembered, thus reconnected.

To do this requires the retooling and authenticating of most social institutional roles, beliefs and understandings, and the REAL data that binds them ~ a truth for which the Blockchain is uniquely qualified to amass and validate.  There is no one-fix for all.  Rather each must be simultaneously revisited and re-birthed.  

Such is the nature of this collective of SecureX Domain Trusts.

Similar to the “centralized” database functionality of AirBnB (see also SecureSuite.com in the list attached and below), where customers and lodging purveyors alike, rate each other and build a consensus of trustworthiness within their closed community, all of the SecureX Domains will provide similar consensus-building functionality.  But with SecureX, you also get the benefits of the Blockchain:  “decentralized” (and thus immutable – non-changeable) ultra-secure database and storage functionality, personal anonymity (you are a huge number and can have “handles” only when and where you want followers), and transparency – everyone can see that you participate, as well as whenever you are followed or discarded.  They just don’t know who you are, unless you want them to know.  The SecureProfile.com portion of the SecureX Vault and/or Wallet simply provides a trusted containment for, in addition to your crypto currencies, a pivot (and score keeper) for your personal relationship with each of your opted-in SecureX Domain Trusts.

This SecureX Layered Web of Trust by Consensus underpinning (natural vote-like relationship tracking) will ensure that “if I trust you, then I’m more apt to trust those that you trust”…. thus, without middleman businesses or the related fees, these Blockchain-linked relationships will automatically watch, rank and disclose the most trustworthy Products (SecureProduct.com), the most trustworthy Companies (SecureCompany.com), the most trustworthy Reporters – media reporters and critical-thinking Citizen watchers alike (SecureReport.com), the most trustworthy Candidates (SecureCampaign.com), the health, well-being and resource wealth of a Community on several levels (SecureCommunity.com), the health, well-being and resource wealth of our planet (SecureGlobal.com),
and so on and so forth….



Escaping the Tyranny to a New World? Specifically one that is NOT the New World Order? Joining an Intentional Community, one that is Sovereign, does not belong to the Beast System, and is instead creating its own self-sustaining, regenerative, inclusive and enlightened ecosystem? You’ll need this DApp (Decentralized Application) on your smartphone to participate with your Community.

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Artists know. Their world has been increasingly imposed upon by third parties that want control of customers, data and revenues that don’t belong to them and that they don’t even earn. Artists want their old world back. Where customers voted for their art, be it music, photographs, paintings, etc., with their dollars, and artists received their fair share of those dollars. Enter NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens…

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Candidates know. Not too long ago, a candidate could run on his/her virtues alone. Good people were once able to transmit their goodness by walking their talk, by being and doing good. No longer the case, good candidates are now intentionally cycled to the bottom. Potential constituents have no understanding of their views. Media and Party manipulation are controlled by the same System. Until now.

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Citizens know. Stuck comes to mind. Manipulated and monitored, residents spend more and more time trying to hide, to stay invisible to the pervasive reach of the powers that be. As such, it is difficult to stand in one’s power, to rise above and create the world which was intended. If only there were a level playing field, where truth is truth and elected governance can be, and is, held accountable…

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Employees know. Their bosses make a bunch more money than they do, yet they feel like they are doing the “real” work of the company. The top-down model in the world of the public company is structured to incentivize the brass, so they might make tough, even border-line ethical decisions, driving value to the stock holders. The parachutes grow, front line attitudes deteriorate, the product or service suffers.

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Inquisitive Minds know. The world is full of buffoonery. Wars are fought for incomprehensible reasons, disguised in a narrative to enlist patriotic justification and support. People die. Because other people kill them. What are people thinking? When citizen reporters are vetted and become trusted through Blockchain consensus, then mapped and dynamically measured via SecureConflict.com, then…

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Frustrated Voters know. Democracy is no longer the given. Elections are plagued with voter suppression, ballot stuffing, personal disenfranchisement, postal ballot delivery irregularities, voting district boundary manipulation, voter turnout intimidation, misinformation and plain old deception. Multiple layers required to count, assemble and report the outcome, each further contribute to the malaise.

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Travelers know. The travel industry has been taken over by chains and their technologies: hotels, motels, restaurants, and local tour providers alike… Just like all other facets of our lives, they think they know what we need better than we know ourselves. Destinations can now validate their sovereign, local travel products, direct to you, their customer. Consensus lets you pick, chose and assemble…

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The method by which written agreements, contracts, disclosures, bids, quotes, journals, prose, books and various narratives are authenticated to their authors, cemented in time as to their creation date, stored decentralized-yet-whole, protected from copy, theft or destruction, and/or and triggered (as in smart contract benchmarks) for various threshold-required (like delivery of payments) action occurrences, has been disrupted.

An example is this website. Each page of narrative (“the Verticals”) in this secx.net website has been immutably uploaded with pieces thereof inherently connected and spread across this myriad record Blockchain, time stamped, ownership encapsulated and forever saved intact, so as to be able to defend (if ever necessary) the content as originally occurring when, how and where it was created.

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Our education system, yearning to become Institutions for Human Development, is about to get disrupted. They must include the “whole” human.

“Imagine a worldwide archipelago of land-based institutions of learning for people like my sons, sanctuaries of alternative technologies of earth, mind, matter, and body that are marginal or absent within conventional universities. So much of the most exciting work whether in medicine, agriculture, or social change is happening outside academia, invisible to many of the young people who might otherwise follow them into a career, and lacking the financial support and community of research that could propel them to the next level.

We need a parallel system of technology development that can guide society as conventional systems unravel and conventional technologies fail to adequately address our problems.”

Charles Eisenstein

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The process by which one views (and really knows and understands about) a product or service is about to be disrupted.

SecureProduct.com is the self-registry for participating businesses, using a few of the other elements of the SecureX Network’s Blockchain Utilities like SecureCompany.com, that identifies the product’s reputation as voted by its customers, and includes autonomously (but verified and trust-ranked) reviews of the product and its uses.

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Citizens know. The past two decades have witnessed mass adoption of an electronic, “online” world. Things we once filed in the top drawer or under the mattress, are now locked online behind plethora of multiple and diverse browser and app-based portals, firewalls, login, password and multi-factor authentication credentials. Your SecureProfile allows you to centralize these, your crypto, and…

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The method by which authoritative reviews are authenticated… is about to be disrupted, if not actually invented.

SecureRegister is a self-select process on the Blockchain whereby those whom wish to maintain an integrity-ranked score in terms of honest and authentic (permanent and immutable) reviews given to various SecureX Networks Blockchain ranking systems (like SecureProducts, SecureCompanies and other similar utilities) are registered and their related fan/detractor votes are tallied and identified. The purpose of SecureRegister is to weight a given reviewer’s opinion in his/her participation in any subsequent review activities, and intentionally setup to both empower and level the playing field between Citizen Reviewers, Professional Reviewers (whom can otherwise bring forward an agenda or biases), and Natural Influencers.

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Know anyone that has ever been de-platformed? Hardly seems fair, eh? The SecureSafeHaven platform moves, then rebirths your website, your electronic documents, your catalog of digital videos out to the blockchain in a totally secure and hidden format. You can provide access, even require subscriptions, all remaining decentralized and secure. Tucked away from surveillance and the prying eyes and bots of those who think they should be able to control you and your assets, your private space in the blockchain can never be de-platformed.

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Sovereign Beings know. The world’s current levels of imposition and surveillance have stripped most folks of their rights to privacy and sovereignty. Blockchain systems have begun to re-introduce autonomy, transparency, thus integrity in essential processes. Now you can establish your identity on a different dimension, insulating all communications and transactions to occur outside of 3D.

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Have a Social Credit Score? Then you must have “consented” to some level of tyrannical imposition at one time or another. This will be used to control you, as you are told how and when to tend to your health. Healthcare by mandate. Escape the tyranny, connect online anonymously, with vetted alternative and practiced healthcare professionals, pay direct with no middlemen, no insurance extortion.

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