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All For One

When I started Day-trading in 2010, I had no idea about where it might lead me. Who would have thought that a switch from the music industry to finance would provide the opportunity to work with the smartest minds around the world, and my becoming an international player in the Crypto/Blockchain space?

Life sometimes takes weird turns but I´m glad it happened. Especially when I think of my first encounter with Bitcoin around 2011, when I instantly dismissed it as internet-money for nerds. I was a serious Indices and Forex trader, with no room for playing around.

As time passed by, and more and more Brokers offered trading with Bitcoin, I decided to take a first try. That was in 2014. Not much happened though, the whole industry was still in it´s infancy, and actually, it still is.

Fast forward to 2017, I had the chance to take a trip around the world and eventually meet a fellow Trader in Dauphin Island, Alabama. We intended to write a book about trading together but even if it didn´t work out, he introduced me to Michael Wing – which turned out to be far better anyway.

We visited Michael for a BBQ and while eating Michael said “How about our own Crypto Exchange?” And I was like, is that even possible? I was intrigued and researched, and as it turned out, yes it is!

In the last 3 years the basic idea of a crypto exchange changed many times, where we added new features and ideas and reacted accordingly to new developments in the blockchain world. The final result was: Double Edge – The Everything Exchange, where you are able to exchange everything that is even remotely tokenizable. www.double-edge.net

The timing wasn´t right, however, and even after incorporating in Singapore we weren´t able to accumulate the necessary funds to continue. At this point we are still open to new team members who are willing and able to participate in exchange for equity.

With all the talking to people and the Crypto scene being a small one, it was no miracle we sooner or later ended up meeting Sean Brizendine and subsequently Nick Nicholson.

The basic idea of SecureX is pretty similar than the one from Double Edge. It´s a one-for-all approach with an altruisitc agenda, based on old meets new, when Nicks ancient domains meet state of the art Blockchain technology. The setup couldn´t be more fitting to collaborate for the common good.

While Double Edge is on a hiatus, SecureX is ready to take off and make a big impact on the way of how blockchain based companies can be setup and how they can be kept sustainable. The IEO will bring in the necessary funds to ignite the flame that SecureX is and will spread like a wildfire, attracting new projects and new possibilities in the process. 

If you are reading this it is because you were given this direct link on our website.  It is intentionally hidden from normal navigation, and was specifically prepared to give a timely overview to folks considering joining our collaborative movement to help us fund and manage it.  You were hand picked because we know the value you can bring to the effort.

We hope you agree.

Thank you for considering us,

Werner Hochleitner 
SecureX Advisory Board Member
CEO & Co-Founder, Double Edge