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SecureX Domains (Vertical Markets)

The SecureX Domains represent a Mythos of NEW, blockchain-based relationship tools, formerly called Business Models, that are all highly-disruptive, altruistic makeovers for individuals, businesses, communities and industries throughout the world.  They represent an understanding of the inseparable relationship between Gaia and Human, plant and animal; that only Human has created division and separateness and, in order to save and advance the wellbeing of Humanity, all sentient creatures must be reunited and remembered, thus reconnected.

To do this requires the retooling and authenticating of most social institutional roles, beliefs and understandings, and the REAL data that binds them ~ a truth for which the Blockchain is uniquely qualified to amass and validate.  There is no one-fix for all.  Rather each must be simultaneously revisited and rebirthed.  

Such is the nature of this collective of SecureX Domains.



The method by which authoritative reviews are authenticated… is about to be disrupted, if not actually invented.

SecureSovereign is a self-select process on the Blockchain whereby those whom wish to maintain an integrity-ranked score in terms of honest and authentic (permanent and immutable) reviews given to various SecureX Networks Blockchain ranking systems (like SecureProducts, SecureCompanies and other similar utilities) are registered and their related fan/detractor votes are tallied and identified. The purpose of SecureSovereign is to weight a given reviewer’s opinion in his/her participation in any subsequent review activities, and intentionally setup to both empower and level the playing field between Citizen Reviewers, Professional Reviewers (whom can otherwise bring forward an agenda or biases), and Natural Influencers.

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Intro In Development, takeaway: Centralized AirBnB on Decentralized Steroids. No middleman.

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Intro In Development, takeaway: Registry and ranking of self-participating journalists, after registering via SecureProfile, and being voted upon via SecureReport. Disrupts ability for network bias, control and manipulation.

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Intro In Development, takeaway: Alternative Health Care.

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